I have two lovely dogs, Chunk and Walnut, who graciously lend me their ears when I am working through difficult problems. I have a small personal YouTube series called Old Dogs New Math (warning: very silly!) where I teach them undergraduate level mathematics topics, with the end goal eventually to work our way up to my current research. That'll probably be 500 episodes from now, though. In the meantime, curious laypeople and math students looking for intuition and a refresher might find the videos useful; right now they're really only watched by me and my pups. 😊

I also enjoy biking and my Nintendo Switch (not at the same time). I'm still very bad at Smash in the grand scheme of things, but I can beat all my friends at least. As for the bike, if the weather is nice I commute to campus. Also my partner Nicola loves to skate so I am slowly learning that too and having a blast.

I love listening to, writing, and performing music. I play bass guitar, trumpet, piano, enough guitar to fake it, and not enough drums to fake it. I've performed at Dolly Parton's Stampede and in Washington D.C. In undergrad I hosted several weekly radio shows on our campus' student radio station. My tastes rotate between funk, disco, jazz, and pop. Lately I'm listening to Vulfpeck, L'ImpĂ©ratrice, Franc Moody, Fickle Friends, Dua Lipa, Superfruit, Chromeo, Breakbot, Jungle, The MarĂ­as, Van She, Caroline Polachek, …

I'm interested in old school tabletop roleplaying games, like OD&D, BECMI, AD&D 1e and 2e, and Call of Cthulhu. In undergrad I wrote a play called A Stupid Game of Dungeons & Dragons which won the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation's Playwriting Contest for students and alumni and was performed in the Playwright's Theatre. In my spare time I've made my own rulesystem based on OD&D and B/X. NB: it is very much a work in progress! If you playtest it, let me know how it goes! I also need a better name for it if you have any suggestions.

I'm also trying to learn programming a little bit better. It's been a passive hobby for many years now but I've recently made it a point to become more proficient and adopt better practices. I started with GML (a Frankenstein's monster amalgamation of Javascript, C++, and C#) in 2005 but currently enjoy working in Python. Check out some work on my Github, and feel free to send me advice / improvements / bugs.