C. Eric Overton-Walker.

Hello! My name is Eric. I am a PhD candidate under the supervision of Lance Edward Miller at the University of Arkansas. I'm interested in homological and homotopical tools to study derived methods in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Previously I received an MS in mathematics from the University of Arkansas and a BA from Hendrix College studying mathematics and Spanish. (Estoy fuera de práctica. Actualmente puedo leer y escribir mejor que hablar. ¡Pero lo trabajaré!)

You can contact me or schedule a meeting.

You can access my CV (last updated 14 December 2023). You can also read my [research statement], and for the (motivated!) casual reader, a more [beginner-friendly summary of what I do].

I attend our department's algebra seminar, a regional commutative algebra seminar called CARES: Commutative Algebra Regional Expository Seminar, and am the Vice President of our department's graduate student colloquium.

What is a locally ringed space?

Last updated 6 January 2024.